Terms & Conditions of use of our services

Last updated on 17/11/2024

This website is operated by Dabba Direct (referred to as “Dabba Direct/we/our/us”). As user of this website and the services provided (referred to as “you/your-customer”) you acknowledge that any use of this website including any transactions you make (“use/using”) is subject to our terms and conditions below (which includes any other important hyper-linked sections e.g.  Privacy policy. Please:

  • read through these terms and conditions carefully before using this website.
  • print a copy for future reference.
  • also read our Privacy policy section regarding your personal information.
  • note this website is intended for customers aged 18+. It is not directed at children. Subject to these terms and conditions you are authorised to view and download our website for your personal use only. Dabba Direct may change, suspend or discontinue the website at any time, including the availability of any feature, database or content. Dabba Direct may also impose limits on certain features and services or restrict your access to parts or all of this website without notice or liability

Summary of our Terms & Conditions

  • Dabba Direct is a shipping service that facilitates purchase of consumer products from the clients´ desired retailers and ships to Gibraltar. Dabba Direct is not in any form the supplier of the goods purchased.
  • Dabba Direct provides absolutely no guarantees or warranties on the purchased products. Most warranties become void once goods leave the country of origin and the customer is responsible to check with the retailer before purchase is completed on their conditions of use, warranties and returns policies.
  • Dabba Direct does not facilitate any returns service out of Gibraltar in case of customers´ need to return any products to the original supplier. Customer is advised to search for suitable service providers in such situation. Dabba Direct bears no responsibility for cost of returns of goods to the original supplier and such costs are responsibility of the customer.
  • Purchased products which are delivered by the supplier or their choice of courier are inspected for external damage by the agents of Dabba Direct in UK on arrival and if any damage or defect is detected their delivery is rejected. Subsequently the goods are returned to the supplier.
  • Neither Dabba Direct nor their UK agents bear any responsibility for products which are delivered by the supplier incomplete, faulty or damaged, save for the visible damages stated in the previous section.
  • While we use reasonable endeavours to ship products safely from UK delivery point to Gibraltar, should the goods sustain damage from UK to Gibraltar Dabba Direct will cover the cost of replacement. However no warranties are provided for damaged, broken glass materials, mirrors, porcelain and ceramic products. By agreeing to these terms and conditions the customer waives the right to any claim if such products are purchased.
  • Dabba Direct will replace or refund for damaged products covered under the warranties provided as stated above using any means and methods at their discretion.
  • Liability of replacement or refunds are limited to the original cost of the purchased goods. Dabba Direct bears no further liability, nor is liable for any compensation.
  • Once customer pays for their orders to Dabba Direct, the goods will be purchased in a timely manner not exceeding 2 working days. Once the purchase is carried out by Dabba Direct or its agents the customer cannot request cancellation except in exceptional circumstances under which the customer will be liable to admin fees that would be determined at the time of cancellation to allow for calculation of costs incurred by Dabba Direct.
  • In case of price increases between the time the customer pays for their order and purchase is made by Dabba Direct or its agents the purchase will not be carried out and customer will be informed. Customer in such circumstances will have the right to cancel the order request or agree to pay the additional costs.
  • Upon arrival of goods in our Gibraltar warehouse and after customs clearance Dabba Direct will attempt to inform the client of the arrival via communications means provided by the client. Goods must be collected within 5 working days. A storage fee would be levied on uncollected goods after the first 5 working days. The fee for storage is 15 GPB per part or full week.
  • Customers must inform Dabba Direct of any discrepancies or damages within 72 hours after collecting the goods. Dabba Direct bears no responsibility of any discrepancies or damages for goods collected/delivered after the first 5 working days of notification of arrival.