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Current order processing time is between 48 and 72 hours. Please do not repeat orders if you do not have immediate response.

Our service fees

Our fees are based on the value of the order and is calculated separately for each retailer the goods are purchased from:

  • We charge a fee of £10 if the total value of the order is £50 or less (per retailer)
  • For orders above £50 our fee is calculated as the 20% of the total value of the order (per retailer)
  • If there is delivery fee from the retailer to our UK delivery point, this fee is added to the overall  final total.
  • Our fees include all shipping, administration costs and applicable import duties and taxes.
  • The above mentioned fees do not include home delivery. If home delivery is required we can provide a quote from our partner company.
  • Please note we do not claim VAT returns on behalf of the customer.
  • Please check your spam mail folder as it has been reported our invoices get trapped by spam detectors.
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