Now here is a short story about who we are

For many years we traded as Argos authorised catalogue product resellers. It was a very popular service. Customers had a vast choice from over 80 thousand products.

With online shopping becoming more and more popular and more retailers setting up online to promote and sell their products, our customers needed to expand their buying power. This is when we decided to take over a small local enterprise called Dabba Direct in order to extend our range services late 2016. Dabba Direct is a specialised concierge service.

The challenges

Year 2020 came with unprecedented challenges in the form of a virus which affected us globally. We were confined to lockdowns in order to avoid spread of an infectious disease which was later named Covid 19. Supplies were limited and what was available took long time to reach the consumer.
We were faced with demands for certain types of commodities that the customers in lockdown in their homes needed. Books to read, exercise equipment to exercise at home, games that families could play at home to pass time and avoid boredom were in demand along with many DIY products. This gave a rise to the popularity of our concierge service Dabba Direct. Customers were able to search long and wide for available products to meet their needs. We worked very hard to serve the community and we did it well.
Further challenges with UK outlets eventually led us to stop serving as Argos resellers but not out of choice. In order not to disappoint our customers we moved all our services under one single operation so that those who still like to buy their popular goods from Argos can do so using our Dabba Direct concierge service.

What is Shopping Concierge – How Does it Work?

A shopping concierge provides a valuable service for those who are looking to find specific items that can be difficult to locate or simply time-consuming to track down.

shopping concierge is a service that works on your behalf to purchase items. A shopping concierge can be used to make the shopping process simpler or timelier or it might be used when you encounter issues with international purchasing.

What we do

Dabba Direct is a specialised concierge service that provides shopping experience to our customers. You shop online searching for your desired products on UK retailers website, tell us what they are and we purchase them for you, and ship to Gibraltar.