How does it work?
You simply tell us what you want and we'll order it for you. Start by sending us a request for an item, if you know what you want, you can include a link. We will process the order and generate an invoice. Once it's paid, you can relax, we'll order the items and ship them to Gibraltar.

How do you deal with returns / exchanges?
Please read and make sure that you agree with the return/exchange policy of the retailer(s) you ordered from. Each retailer may have a different return/exchange policy, which you will need to adhere to. We don't provide any guarantees on the purchased products and cost of returning the goods and associated taxes and documentation are your responsibility In order to process a return, please contact us to assist in providing necessary information.

How do I pay?
Invoices can be settled, via Bank Transfer or debit/credit card.

Can I get a VAT refund?
No, we do not offer a VAT Refund service.

Do I have to pay import duty?
No. We take care of all the processing and paying of import duties. The service fee charged on your order includes duty payments.

How do I calculate the shipping costs?
Our fees are calculated on the value of goods. The formula we use to work out the fees is:
For each retailer we charge 20% on the value of the order if the value is above £50. If the total value for the single retailer is £50 or less we charge a flat fee of £10.