Our Story

DabbaDirect was founded in November 2014 by James Brenig, the concept was initially developed after James, was finding it difficult to purchase a record player online for his small but growing vinyl collection, as most stores including Amazon.co.uk refused to deliver to Gibraltar. It was then that he decided that it was necessary to develop a solution to this problem, and so DabbaDirect was born.

The name DabbaDirect is a tribute to the “Dabawala” delivery men in Mumbai, famously one of the most efficient delivery systems in the world.

Our mission is simple, to offer a solution to the issues surrounding internet shopping in Gibraltar. When we launched initially we offered a UK address where customers could send pretty much anything they wanted to order online. We then consolidated the goods and shipped them to Gibraltar on a weekly basis. Once the goods cleared HM Customs in Gibraltar, the customer would then collect from our Collection Point or pay for Home Delivery.

We launched this service in January 2o15 on a private trial basis, customer feedback was very positive, so we opened it to the public in February. Thanks to the support of our loyal customers, we have had strong and consistent growth since the very beginning.

The pivot

After operating the business for over a year, we decided to review everything from A-Z to see what could be improved, what wasn't working and what we could add. This resulted in what is known as a "Pivot". We realised that although the previous system was a good solution, as we expanded we were repeatedly challenged with the same issues. So we looked at the most common problems our customers had and developed a new solution.

We now operate only as a shipping service, so simply tell us what you want and we will buy it and ship it to Gibraltar, we can purchase anything from any UK website for you.
Our business model has changed, instead of charging shipping based on volume or weights, which can lead to confusion and can be difficult for our customers to calculate, we now charge based on value of the order.

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